At Phantom Lighting, we pride ourselves on the quality and creativity of our work. We focus on special event lighting design, wedding lighting, decor lighting, and tent lighting. Whether our clients prefer a chic, stylish, or unusual atmosphere, they rave about our work.

With our attention to detail, Phantom Lighting has been transforming ballrooms, tents, and gymnasiums into fabulously lit settings catering to customers’ needs. Using conventional fi xtures, LED fi xtures, or moving lights, we can tailor a lighting package to accommodate nearly any venue with any theme. Our theatrically trained staff members are experts in providing the necessary power distribution for all elements of your event, and we even go the extra mile to conceal all electrical wiring.

At Phantom Lighting, we know that one of the most important moments of any event is the first glimpse your guests get of the venue.With any of our lighting options your guests will be blown away! We have state-of-the-art lighting techniques, such as pattern projections, monogram projections, and color changes that set the mood.

We use a variety of mediums in order to achieve the perfect look. Our team combines everything from moving lights to simple paper lanterns to create the desired ambiance. We can transform your party space into an oasis of color, texture, and soft light to create a mood of style and luxury. By artfully placing chandeliers, pin spotting centerpieces or up lighting columns and walls throughout your venue, Phantom Lighting strives for the perfect balance between art and light. Our results are custom-tailored looks that will welcome your guests.

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